Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm a big pot now !

8 x 11 Pen & Ink, Watercolor & Tombow pen

This is the sketch for the get together of our local San Diego sketchcrawlers. A nice amount came (14) and it was fun getting to know each other more and having lunch together.We were at a lovely place called Summer Past Farms. If your ever in that area go check it out it is worth the stop. More sketches will be coming from there !


  1. Oh! I thought you were talking about my belly. So pretty here, not around my midriff though.

  2. YEA mine too. It's terrible how lazy and selfish I've become ( I want to eat and I don't want to exercise) and I want easy answers to my problem. GIVE me a pill to solve my problems !!
    NO ,Not discipline that would be too hard. I need more character, it's hard admitting weakness.
    Oh, BTW thanks for coming by. =)

  3. Dominique, I really like this sketch. (I also chuckled at the title.) I checked out some of your other posts, too - very nice! Dancing Strokes is the perfect name for your blog. The San Diego area is beautiful and I like the way you portray it.

  4. Candy, Thank you for your visit and comment. Please come again. I do appreciate living in San Diego it is a pretty place. THanks again.

  5. Beautiful sketch, Dominique. You add the exact amount of color to make it great. I love how you have made the soft shadows on the pot, and the composition, too.
    Best regards,

  6. You are so funny honey.
    This title is perfect for a weight watchers advertisement.
    I love this sketch.

  7. Carolina, THank you I appreciate your visit.

  8. IRIT,
    THanks = ) your the queen of great tittles !

  9. The sketchcrawl day must have been lovely. You have many sketches to show for it. Love the dab of color on the bird house.