Monday, August 24, 2009


8 x 10 Pen , Ink & Watercolor

Click here for the VIDEO

This was the sketch done with the San Diego sketchcrawlers during the week which is a different set of peoples sometimes. One in particular Lydia Velarde has a wonderful talent. She made this fabulous little video already posted on U-Tube of our little outing with music, title and credits. Just really NICE. It even has Grace as a starring role.
Please check it out.

San Diego SketchCrawlers

8 x 10 Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Sea Port Village is the spot we met this time.
When we first arrived we were a this Coffee house waiting for everyone, so I drew Jane here while she sketched. We then moved around. I had Grace (my chocolate lab) with me which is always fun because she invariably end up in some body of water at one point or other. Check out the VIDEO on the next post.
This one was around the corner. This place is very attractive and very touristy, so you get lot's of comment while you draw.

8 x 10 Pen, Ink & Watercolor