Sunday, June 13, 2010

South Park restaurant

                                                     8 x 11  Ink pen

I got the good fortune to spend time with the San Diego Sketchcrawlers this morning. After much deliberation we ended up in South park where I had the lovely view of this restaurant the "Vagabond "
But my pleasure did not end there a block away was a lovely creperie ( yum French crepe ! )   where we ended for lunch. With a beautiful blue sky, my dog, good food and company... fabulous !

Monday, June 7, 2010

Simpson's Nursery- Don't Park here

The San Diego sketchcrawl group went to a local nursery called Simpson's Nursery. It is a very attractive place made by incorporating antique travel trailers, cars and a small little petting zoo. But they have one thing they ask very seriously is that you don't PARK on the left side. One of our sketcher's got told in not so nice a way by the owner which the employee latter apologized for his brash behavior.