Saturday, February 27, 2010


                                                       8 x  10    Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Yikes I miss calculated the top of this bell tower it is not in my picture. I really dislike it when that happens.  Maybe I'll make another one of this one day. This was done with the weekend Sketchcrawlers.
This is in the Old Town of San Diego " la casa estudillo " It's a beautiful place especially inside with a lovely courtyard but I had Grace ( my dog) with me so I was not allowed in   :(
It's a good thing because a member of our group was late and only found us because I was sitting outside drawing while everyone was inside that courtyard.
                                                       8  x 10 Pen, Ink & watercolor
This is across from the other building and it had this delightful yellow cream colors on the facade.
It was a nice time with every one but we escape the rain, it started as soon as we left.
                                                   8  x  10 Pen, Ink & Watercolor
After I left the group of sketchcrawlers I walked in this garden store that was filled with fabulous pieces. This is a large old seed cabinet with on the front of each drawers a picture of what is inside.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


                                     8  x  8  Graphite & Tombow Pens

ONe of the fabulous perks of sketching with the week day sketchcrawlers is the U-Tube videos Lydia makes. This time you get an extra treat, a nose kiss from Grace so here it comes.........KISS
This sketch was done looking at the arches in the Alcazar Gardens of Balboa Park here in San Diego.
On a side note, literally, we got some live Organ music with our time there that morning. That's what I call a great time.