Sunday, September 1, 2013


 This is the biggest festival of sails on the west coast and it's in San Diego  

This is the biggest festival of sails on the west coast.
It was such a wonderful adventure to see these big ship up close. They are impressive and majestic. 
It is so overwhelming to think most of the transportation was done in these back in the day. I had the chance to board a few of them and draw.
One of the delight of this festival is you got to see individuals in the appropriate costumes for these ship , which I drew also.
There where moment when you would see some sailing in our bay which is the first drawing but they where changing course so often that it was hard to capture them on paper.
 At times we where surprised by cannon shooting or old soldiers shooting their muskets aiming toward the water.
It was such a great time seeing all these up close.
I'm including some pictures with the drawings I did.

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