Sunday, July 1, 2012

" La Fille se Marie "

12  x  9 Ink Pen and Watercolor

This was done for the Bridal shower of my daughter. It is from a picture I took in Paris where these round things are used to display the latest movie posters. As I was drawing it I noticed that it had a young woman pulling a suitcase so I thought I would change it a bit and make the tittle reflect the event  translation " the girl is getting married "
The tree was not in bloom at the time but I choose to make it about spring time. The start of one's life which relates to the start of a married life. I had it framed and it looks very nice.


  1. Isn't it wonderful!!! Love your spare use of vibrant color. What a lovely keepsake this will be. Many congratulations to your daughter.

    1. Thanks R. I did enjoy making this so much.