Sunday, February 26, 2012


                                                         8  x  10      Blue Ink Pen

My daughter works for a great organization, the YMCA. She is a site supervisor at one of the after school care at an elementary level. They had a fundraiser today and I was invited to paint something.
Well I did this painting which I am posting on my other blog Art by Dominique of "Sweet Peas".
Painting in front of people with the intention of having something finished by the alloted time is a bit nerve racking especially when you don't even know what you are doing before hand, but I kept saying to myself I can do this. Of course it helps when your daughter tells you "if you don't like it mom it's  OK you can make a little sketch of something if you want, just have a good time !" (awww !)
Well I finished in about 2 hours and had another 1/2 hour to spare so I started to sketch this beautiful little girl called Samantha with radiant RED hair. I was really happy to capture that smile.


  1. Darling Dominque! I'm so impressed that you could do Sweet Peas AND this beautiful drawing in such a short time. Congratulations!!

  2. Thanks Dana it was like jumping off and not looking back !!!!...... lol

  3. Great job - love the way you captured the smile!

  4. Two great works of art Dominique! Plus ball point pen is not an easy medium.