Saturday, November 6, 2010


                                               8  x  11 Pen & Ink with Tombow pens

I got Jury Duty on Election Day at the downtown San Diego courthouse and around the corner is this lovely train station amidst the tall buildings. So after my jury duty I sat a the bus stop and drew. People where very friendly.
On a side note we had a pep talk by the top judge here in San Diego thanking us for our time and saying it was a nice connection doing this on election day but for our information he told us on this day in 196.... Kennedy was at Horton Plaza (which is a beautiful mall a few block from the court house) campaigning for his election and he meet him.
I though it was cool too since my dad had a little time spent with his wife Jackie..........
combing her hair.


  1. That is one of my favorite buildings, and I love what you did with it. the detailed specific, fading to the more general.

    I have always been very impressed when on jury duty with how easy they make it and also how informative. Carol got on a jury, cynic that she is, and then came away reassured at the goodness of people, also my experience.

    What a delight to hear about the Kennedy connections from both your jury duty day and your dad. Unfortunately my only connection was that I went to his funeral cortage in DC.

    Hugs, Rachel

  2. Dominique, thanks for your comment on my latest artwork. This is a lovely sketch & the station reminds me of Balboa Park. How wonderful for your Dad to have done Jackie's hair!