Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please help !

This is from my daughter Tiffany who hopefully will embark on an incredible life giving trip to HAITI if you can help please do.
She is trying to raise the money to go.
You can send your donation using the button in the side bar 

Hi my name is TIffany Neal,
I've been blessed with the opportunity to go to Haiti for 3 weeks to help restore the community and bring hope to its people....
Our purpose for Haiti is to transform Jeremie, the city & it's 35,000 people, into a vessel of hope for the nation. The recent earthquake didn't just devastate Haiti, but also revealed to the world the devastation that was already present. Haiti is currently the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere & 40% of it's population is under the age of 15.
Our Plan Of Action - is to conduct a Hospital Outreach, Orphanage Outreach, Town Square & Playground Renovation & Water Infrastructure Revitalization.
We have a great opportunity to bless the people and impact their lives for good.
If you can help in any way financially please donate to..... no donation is too small :-) The trip cost is $1500 and is due by Monday evening.
Thank you so much!
This video was created to give viewers an accurate picture of Haiti's condition both in Port-au-Prince, and Jeremie in anticipation for the June Haiti trip IMPACT 195 students will have the opportunity to embark on.

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