Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Lemonade Award

I received  " The Lemonade Award " for a positive attitude and gratitude ,
from Joan Sicignano who is a fabulous watercolorist.

This award today is not what I deserve because my attitude today  stink's. I am definitively not in a positive attitude and isn't it strange this is the day you get something like this.
It's telling me stop whining ! and be happy, isn't there a movie or something with this phrase, anyway.
So with this in mind I am doing it....OMG somebody kick me please !
Gosh sometimes it's so hard to pull yourself out of these yuk moments !
I'm going to stop focusing on me and look at a few people much more deserving.

So I am passing this award to :

These individuals are much more deserving. They add so much to our world with their efforts, talents and great attitudes.
Please check each and everyone.

The rules for this if you choose is :
-Post the logo
-Nominate 7 others blogs that show gratitude and attitude
-List and link your nominator in your post and blog
-Let them know there recipients

But you can do whatever you want. After seeing each of these recipients again my attitudes is getting better, thank you all.


  1. Today your attiude is stink???
    Plz do not comment anything on my blog...Ha ha ha.
    Its another day tomorrow will be brighter.
    Hang on my dear.

  2. Irit,
    Yes my attitude today is YUK ..... and I wont comment on your blog today ! but wait tomorrow i will.

  3. Tommy, your more than welcome , very well deserved.

  4. Hi Dominique
    Your welcome. very well deserved. Your art motivates and does your attitude. Joan

  5. Yay!!! You are a ray of sunshine Dominique!

  6. Hi Dominique, Thank you kindly for the award! Your a sweetie...bad attitude and all! :)

  7. Joan, Thank you, your the one that blessed me.

  8. Sheila, The sunshine is you, thank you

  9. Michelle, My attitude is changing , thanks to you

  10. Dominique:

    Thank you for my award:) I just got home from work and found your nice surprise. Now, unfortunately, I can't do it in person, but, I would kindly "kick you" in the virtual sense since you asked! But, I see that you've gotten out of your rotten funk, so no need after all. (lol)

    P.S. You don't need to write poetry, you can just share what comes to you. But, only if you want to.

    Hope your tomorrow is brighter.


  11. Nancy,
    Your my kind of person that does what one needs. Thank you for the virtual kick even though I feel better it's still nice to see I can't get away, too far, LOL
    My today is already brighter thanks to you.
    OUCH !!!! was that you again..........

  12. Ha-ha!! Your last line brought tears to my eyes, Dominique:D

    Glad I could be of service to you(lol) And, I guess a virtual kick in the ass can still be effective.

    Take care.


  13. Nancy,
    I glad I made you laugh but really the first kick I did not feel it,
    the second was more serious and I see your not afraid any more either from belting my ass !
    Thank you :)

  14. Dominique, on the day I got the Lemonade award I was in a rotten mood, too... at first I thought they gave it to me for being so sour!

    Hope today is a better day for you, my friend.

  15. R, it is, thanks to the kick in the butt from Nancy to get off my pity party ! :) I fell back in the motion man ! :) ah ah aaaaaaaaaa.........No , no drugs were used to feel better ! or booze ! just a reality check that, we have it good ! even with this economy.