Friday, February 13, 2009


I have a dear friend last night that gave me some encouraging words and this morning I was on facebook and received a PRAISE STICKER from her which were flowers with a caption and the scripture location. SO I wanted to reciprocate.
I looked up the flowers and what they represent. Well the one I choose was a big Yellow/ Cream rose and It said  ABOUNDING IN LOVE,   I choose that flower but after closer inspection the caption underneath read,   Joel 2:13   and realized this day is     2 - 13
How cool is that.
SO I want to pass it along to all................Receive.  


  1. I love how you always look at the world with your eyes wide open. How else would you have noticed the proverb and today's date. (hugs)

  2. Thank you Sheila, your sweetness shines through everything you do and say. BIG HUGS